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The following are a few FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q:    What does Hill Manors do?

A:    Hill Manors sells, rents, and leases houses, apartments, condominiums, duplexes, and other residential structures. We also manage rental properties, including maintenance, all tenant issues, trouble reports, monthly rent collection, deposits, vacancy placements, advertising, prospective tenant property viewings and checkouts.

Q:    What area(s) does Hill Manors work or operate in?

A:    Hill Manors works in the four state area, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Our main areas of operation include the more populated areas of the four states, Carthage, Carl's Junction, Diamond, Girard, Joplin, Miami, Neosho, Pittsburg, Webb City, and many other surrounding towns and cities.

Q:    Does Hill Manors provide financing or work with any Banks or Financial Institutions to provide special offers?

A:    Hill Manors may provide owner financing at additional cost; however, we recommend working with your local Bank, Credit Union, or other Financial Institution. Local institutions deal with larger volumes of lenders and generally provide better rates. Individual circumstances vary see your financial adviser for specific advise particular to your own situation.

Q:    Why doesn't Hill Manors always use a realtor or real estate company or service?

A:    Realtors and Real Estate companies charge a commission, which is generally seven percent of the total value of the property. This commission  in most cases comes out of the pocket of both the buyer and the seller alike. By bypassing the Real Estate company both the buyer and seller receive a more favorable price.

Q:    How is a closing handled without a realtor or real estate company?

A:    A title company is used to close on all properties. The title company ensures all paperwork and documents are properly filled with state and local authorities.

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